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The gentle & long-lasting curls – ONLY at BioHair Salons

A familiar hairstyle in a modern guise – come into our salon and try our brand new, revolutionary Newave service for yourself! The solution that gives you soft, natural-looking, yet long-lasting curls – and is also gentle on the hair. The ammonia and thioglycolate-free formula give you a natural looking, smooth, silky, and easy-to-clean hairstyle in less than 20 minutes. It creates long-lasting enrichment even on thin hair! So Newave literally means ‘new wave’, as unruly, curly locks give a trendy and fresh look for both women & men alike.

What are you waiting for?
Come to us and give your hair a fresh new start!

The hairstyle everyone desires

Season’s coolest hairstyle

THE hairstyle of badass girls & boys


The swift creation of gradient hair colour

Spice up your look with a gorgeous gradient hair dye that can be done within 1 hour. Balayage dyeing gives you a fashionable and extravagant style without the need to spend long hours in the salon. From natural sun-kissed effects to special colourful shades – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The affordable balayage service guarantees a long-lasting hair colour and the result won’t disappoint you.

Open up a new dimension in your hairstyle and upgrade your look in a simple but instantly noticeable way!

Natural effect

Extraordinary, colourful shades