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Let’s get a My BioHair card and collect points for discounts.

What is My BioHair card?

BioHair club card system completely renew from February 2024!

To take part in our new My BioHair loyalty program you need to ask for a new My BioHair card what can also be downloaded to your mobile.

Already have a BioHair plastic club card?

Register it to our My BioHair system so you can keep your collected points from earlier. From now showing your digital card will be enough. 

Want to join to our loyalty program?

Request a new digital card and show it on your mobile at the reception desk while paying. 

Szépülj nálunk, gyűjtsd a pontokat és élvezd a kedvezményeket!

Explore your coupons!

You can get valuable coupons for your collected points.

Browse through the available coupons in your My BioHiar app. Right after you activated the chosen coupen it will appear in the Activated coupons menu.

Use your coupon and enjoy the discount – even up to 50%.

Attention! After clicking the Redeem now button you’ll have 15 minutes to use the coupon before it’s expiry.

Május (15)

I want a My BioHair card!

  1. Open the www.biohair.ugyfelkartya.hu website.

  2. Registrate your old BioHair plastic card or request a new digital card.

  3. Enter the requsted informations.

  4. Download the My BioHair mobile app from the website and follow the progress of your points.

Life is easier with My BioHair card!


Visit any BioHair and choose from our services or buy a Balance product.


Use My BioHair mobile app at paying and collect more points.


Follow your reached level in the My BioHair mobile app or online. 


Take any of our services at a discounted price by using your points. 

You can level up with My BioHair!

Green apple

During a 3 months period under 19.999 Ft spending we credit 2 points after every 100 Ft. 

Silver apple

During a 3 months period over a 20.000 Ft spending we credit 3 points after every 100 Ft. 

Golden apple

During a 3 months period over a 40.000 Ft spending we credit 5 points after every 100 Ft. 

We give extra points at registering your My BioHair card, at your birthday and even at every level up.

Don't be late!

Request your My BioHair card on the website and donwload the mobile application.