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The idea of ​​organic hairdressing might sound strange at first, but in fact the expectations of consumer needs created Hungary’s first hairdressing salon where you can get natural and chemical-free hair care. Anyone can visit us at any time – WITHOUT MAKING AN APPOINTMENT!


BioHair is a dynamically developing, continuously renewing hairdressing franchise network, which is currently present with 40 salons in Budapest, as well as in several large rural cities. When we started in 2010, the main pillar was primarily hairdressing, however, taking into account the needs of our guests, we later expanded our range of services with cosmetics and manicures. BioHair emphasizes naturalness, environmental protection, fast and quality service, and the right price-value ratio.


The founders of the network, Gabriella Perger (economist) and Géza Binder (master hairdresser), started their first business, a prestigious beauty salon, in 2000 under the name BinderArt Beauty Salon.

The first BioHair salon opened in February 2010 on Szent István körút, which marked the beginning of the construction of the franchise network.

We write more about our franchise system here. 


The fact that anyone can visit us at any time without making an appointment provides a quick and convenient solution for our guests who want to beautify themselves at affordable prices and in a professional environment.

A high level of service is important to us, which we can ensure by selecting a good team of professionals and continuous professional training, which is personally led and supervised by master hairdresser Géza Binder.

Every year, we create our latest hairstyle collection, with which we aim to present the current trends, which one by one praise the handiwork of our hairdressers.


The work of the BioHair Franchise Network has been recognized by the Hungarian Franchise Association with several awards, which we are really proud of:

2011: “The most dynamically developing franchise network of the year” award

2012: “Marketing” award

2015: “Marketing” award

2018: “Innovative franchise network of the year” award


Since the number of guests in our salons is constantly increasing, however, there is no possibility to check in beforehand, so the waiting time has become longer and longer in the recent period. To eliminate this, we had to find a solution where we can still maintain the satisfaction of our guests without damaging our business concept, since everyone’s time is the most precious thing. That’s why in 2018 we launched the mobile queuing option, which is unique in Hungary, the essence of which is that our mobile phones stand in line for us, so our guests can spend the waiting time usefully. We write more about queuing remotely here.

This is what our latest commercial is meant to show, and we are very proud of it. In addition, numerous articles and television programs demonstrate the importance of this great innovation in our fast-paced world.