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BioHair rewards the loyalty of its customers!

Have your own club card, ask for one at the reception in each of our salons!

We reward the loyalty of our guests – we will credit 1 point on your BioHair Club Card for every 20 Ft. You can use these points when using our services or purchasing our self-branded products. To be able to cash-in your points, you must have at least 1000 points on the card and each point is worth one forint.

After completing the application form, ask for the envelope containing the card and the PIN code, then follow the steps in the description and activate your BioHair Club Card!

Before the payment please tell our receptionist that you would like to pay with the club card. You must have at least 1000 points and one activated card to be able to cash in your collected points.

You can cash in your loyalty points for all available services and BioHair’s own branded products!

You can reset your PIN on https://hu.bonuscard.us/support using the card number.

The first and most important thing to do is disable the card. This can be done on the https://hu.bonuscard.us/support page, knowing your card number and PIN. After disabling, the service provider will send you the new Biohair club card as soon as possible or replace the damaged card at a favorable price.

It is important for us to express your opinion, so using our online questionnaire sent to your registered email address, you can evaluate our services and share your experience with us – helping us to improve our work and services.